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I was positive your unlimited access had some type of secret hook to it I wasn’t seeing. My household used your service seven times in one month for consultations. True to your claim I never received any notice or any bills for too many calls. I’m not sure how you guys can offer your service at your price with unlimited calls. It is truly incredible and as a thanks I am letting everyone know about you guys.

Thanks for putting this together it was a huge help!

~Steve, Ohio

I rarely send in comments on things. But in this case I have to say my phone consultation with the doctor was better than any actual in person visit I have ever made to a doctor in all the years I have been going to see one. It was obvious he had no distractions like most doctors have and there was no sense of rushing.

His focus was 100% on my issue and it was resolved in probably less than 5 minutes.

Great service!

~Mike, Indiana 

My teenage daughter had some kind of skin problem that flared up out of nowhere while visiting New York City. Of course we were right in the middle of the city. We were actually able to do a consultation while looking up at the skyscrapers! On top of it the doctor wrote a prescription and helped locate a pharmacy within walking distance.

Issue resolved, vacation saved!!
Thank you!

~Jill, Oklahoma

We were on vacation in Florida with the kids and our 10 yr old came up out of the ocean holding his ear and in great pain. We were talking to a doctor by cell within minutes right on the beach. Amazing! He diagnosed the problem, sent a script to the local pharmacy and provided us with directions on how to handle the issue over the next few days. Your company makes a claim to take a doctor with you anywhere and now we are no longer even close to doubters.

FANTASTIC service!

~Amy, Wisconsin